Password theft represents the biggest security threat in Latin America

The supplier of ESET security solutions has just published its monthly report on the main threats to information security in Latin America identified in July, where were password thefts of Yahoo! Voices, Formspring, and Dorkbot. This was due to a malicious code recently reported by ESET that uses a botnet network composed of infected computers with malicious codes put in motion by a cybercriminal, which then proceed to execute malicious programs on other computers.     

The first reported case involved Yahoo! Voices, the Yahoo service that brings together material published by users. More than 450,000 passwords were stolen and divulged on the internet in a plain text file. The group responsible for the attack, the D33Ds Company, denies having malicious intentions and maintains that their actions were merely a warning to encourage the company to address its security vulnerabilities.

Formspring, the question and answer social network, was also attacked and lost approximately 420,000 passwords. As a security measure, the company advised users that to change their passwords upon returning to the service.

In this same report, ESET researchers draw attention to the Dorkbot attack, a malicious code recently reported by experts at the ESET laboratory that has already invade over 81,000 zombie computers, which are used to send spam and attack websites without the knowledge of the owners. Dorkbot also steals access credentials. According to data analyzed by the company, the malicious software affected more than 1,500 corporate email accounts. The theft of corporate email passwords potentially jeopardizes a company’s reputation and places it at risk of losing strategic negotiating data or causes the corporate network to malfunction.