Experts are able to circumvent the iris recognition system

Spanish scientists have shown that biometric security systems that scan irises are not as safe as is believed in the technology sector. 

At the Autonomous University of Madrid, a team led by Javier Galbally managed to recreate an iris with information stored in a database. The result was that they were able to break into several systems with a considerably high success rate.

Iris recognition is considered the most efficient biometric security technique. It is based on the assumption that no two people have the same iris configuration. Thus, it would be theoretically impossible to violate security systems based on the model.

Nevertheless, by creating an artificial iris researchers were able to circumvent the security systems 80% of the time. The case was presented at a Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. The most intriguing aspect is that the recreation was not based on a direct copy of an eye. When an iris is scanned, it produces a code of around 50,000 information elements.